Maintain Your 2025 Genesis GV80 SUV

It's no coincidence that Genesis's winged logo appears a lot like the insignia on a Bentley. It's emblematic of the fledgling Korean luxury brand's ambitious mission to join the ranks of upper-crust manufacturers that have amassed cachet over the past century. While Genesis isn't quite yet a household name, brand awareness and sales have notably increased since 2020. That's when the Genesis GV80 debuted and became an instant success, garnering our 10Best award and helping the marque's total U.S. sales rise from 5099 in 2020 to 15,301 in 2021. Now entering its fifth model year for 2025, the Genesis GV80 receives a facelift that makes the mid-size luxury SUV even better than before.

Fresh New Looks, Same Great Ride

Without a side-by-side comparison, the new GV80's alterations aren't immediately obvious. Its split headlights and large pentagonal grille are familiar, but a closer inspection reveals a new twin-spoke mesh design that gives the grille greater dimension and new microlens-array headlamps adopted from the premier Genesis G90 sedan. Additionally, the GV80's front end adds larger air intakes and a synthetic skid plate that together make it appear wider and edgier.

2025 Genesis GV80 Luxury SUV || Genesis USA

While the slope-backed GV80 Coupe will introduce a 409-hp V-6 with an electric supercharger when it arrives later this year, the rest of the lineup continues with the standard 300-hp turbo 2.5-liter inline-four and the available 375-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6. Both existing engines couple with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive remains standard. We drove the top-of-the-line GV80 Prestige with the V-6. It's not nearly as robust or vociferous as the rumbling V-8s that power the BMW X5 M60i and the Porsche Cayenne S, but those challengers are at least $10,000 dearer than this Genesis.

While we wish the GV80 felt gutsier off the line and when we need to hurry past poky people on two-lane highways, the 3.5T's seamless operation and the transmission's responsive shifting are otherwise a satisfying tandem. In our previous testing, a V-6-powered GV80 hit 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, and another returned 24 mpg on our 75-mph fuel-economy route. However, the GV80 3.5T's EPA estimates have decreased for 2025, declining from 18 mpg city and 23 highway to 16 mpg city and 22 highway.

A Snazzier Cabin with Better Features

Every GV80 receives a redesigned interior with a 27.0-inch OLED screen that dominates the dashboard, proving that Genesis is maintaining pace with the times. We appreciate how the new display seamlessly integrates the instrumentation and infotainment halves, although we'd like more variety of gauge design. The infotainment system is simpler to use than before, as the screen now responds to touch inputs, and the old clickwheel on the center console has been replaced with a more intuitive rotary dial. Plus, volume and tuning functions are now knobs (replacing rollers) located higher on the center stack. Most important, Genesis finally offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, correcting one of our few minor gripes with the previous GV80. The cordless connection won't be available until later this year, but it'll be a free over-the-air update.

Genesis doesn't have an illustrious history like other legacy luxury brands, but it has broken the mold with its unique design and top-notch execution. The GV80 build quality exceeds expectations for the price, and it's evident that additional attention was paid to details such as the embroidered patterns on the door panels as well as the look and feel of the switchgear. For 2025, there are more two-tone interior color schemes, including Earth Brown/Smoky Green and Glacier White/Ultramarine Blue. Our GV80 coupled the latter combination with the new Storr Green paint, a near-perfect spec. It lacked the available third row, which appears only on the lesser 3.5T Advanced and is too diminutive to be of much use.

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We had conflicting sentiments about the outgoing GV80's two-spoke steering wheel. It's been replaced with a new three-spoke design that has improved button positioning and appears wealthier with the new Genesis emblem. The center console has utility modifications such as a new biometric scanner that allows you activate the car without the digital key. The console also adds larger cupholders without the previous space-stealing cover. Instead, there's a new coverable compartment below the redesigned climate controls; inside the receptacle is a wireless charging device that offers improved visibility.

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The top-spec Prestige grade has all the latest and finest features. These include the new Bang & Olufsen sound system that trades the old 1050-watt Lexicon stereo for a 1400-watt configuration that includes a Beosonic function, which enables you to modify the sound profile without distortion. It's an enhancement we didn't realize we needed. Want to stimulate four of your five senses? There's a new "mood curator" aped from the G90 for that. Basically, it plays atmospheric music, activates the ambient lighting, covers the window curtains, initiates the fatigue-fighting driver's seat, and emanates a compartment fragrance. All that's missing is a flavor component, unless you want to sample the steering wheel.

Since it debuted, the Genesis GV80 has been a jewel among mid-size luxury SUVs. It was already our choice of the litter, and now it's even better due to the mostly modest, albeit meaningful, enhancements. It continues to be refined, fashionable, and packed full of tech—all at a price that won't approach six figures like the competition. The four-cylinder 2.5T still starts at $59,050, but the GV80 3.5T now has a $75,150 base price (nearly $9000 more than before). Most of that is from newly standard features that were previously part of the $7350 Advanced bundle. Meanwhile, the V-6 Prestige's $80,650 price is up only $2455, so it remains an absolute bargain versus its topflight counterparts.

Circling back to the Bentley-like insignia, the one on the refreshed GV80's snout is now made of metal instead of plastic. That's a minor adjustment that no one would've noticed, yet it shows that Genesis is still seeking to elevate its status. That attention to detail is why Genesis and the GV80 continue to impress.