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11 Coolest British Cars Ever Made
Aston Martin DB5 James Bond's automobile was always going to be at the top. What could be cooler than 007's preferred mode of transportation? The Aston Martin DB5 made its debut in the Bond film franchise in 1964's Goldfinger, as Sean Connery's gadget-laden sidekick and smooth ride. Furthermore, its 282-horsepower engine...
Which Cars Will Be 50 Years Old in 2024?
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT The GT, often referred to as the Alfetta GTV, was a fastback coupé with four seats that was designed by Giugiaro and was based on the boxy Alfetta saloon that had debuted two years before. When the range was revised and renamed 'GTV' in 1976 to replace the...
Top 8 Classic Cars with Clamshell Bonnets
Jaguar XKSS First up is the Jaguar XKSS, which is maybe not the model most frequently linked to this particular bonnet shape, but it is still a classic example of the clamshell design in action. Its roadgoing twin, the XKSS, was based on the D-type and used unsold race units. Of the...
Pikes Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck
Ford and another electric vehicle demonstration are returning to Pikes Peak. This time, the F-150 Lightning with 6000 pounds of downforce is being ridiculed. Later in June, Ford will bring another electric vehicle prototype to Pikes Peak. The maker created an insane version of the F-150 Lightning after the SuperVan 4.2 achieved...
Enhance the Performance of the Most Striking Cadillacs
Cadillac Is One Of The World’s Oldest Car Makers And Has Been Operating Since 1902 Advertised its quality and appeal for years with the tagline "The Standard of the World." The Detroit-based firm has always been known for its striking designs. Iconic designers like Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell were in...
11 Electric Cars With The Biggest Batteries
A car's battery size is an important factor, partly because it determines the price of the vehicle (the battery is currently the most expensive part of any vehicle) and partly because it affects factors such as weight, aerodynamics, systems efficiency, and travel distance. The vehicles with the largest useable battery capacity...
Customize Your Rivian R1T in 2024
Overview There are just a few totally electric pickups available, but none are as rapid as the Rivian R1T, which is among the few million new pickups sold annually in the United States. With up to 835 horsepower, the R1T can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, which is a...
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Maintain Your 2025 Genesis GV80 SUV

It's no coincidence that Genesis's winged logo appears a lot like the insignia on a Bentley. It's emblematic of the fledgling Korean luxury brand's ambitious mission to join the ranks

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